South African Airways

No silver lining for South Africa Airways

SAA’s business rescue practitioners have had a request for R10 billion bail out refused by the government, a move that could see the airline liquidated. This will have a serious affect on the more than 4 000 employees.

At present the staff are on leave unless regarded as essential and the only aircraft flying are those involved in repatriation flights and cargo charter flights for the next few weeks.

According to Grant Back, chairperson of the SAA Pilots’ Association, the current plan by the business rescue practitioners involves the scaling down of staff. He however, points out that this would involve significant number of cockpit and cabin crew but only slight scaling down of management.

Brian Pearce, chief economist at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), losses for the world’s airlines due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be between R4.63trillion and R5.7trillion.

As part of its efforts to help the industry through the Covid-19 crisis, IATA is offering

free access to online training courses for up to 5 000 aviation workers or those who want to become involved in either aviation or related industries.

The courses offered are:

Aviation Competition Law

Destination Geography

Travel Agency Fees: A Professional Approach

Accounting and Financial Management for Travel Agencies

Geography in Travel Planning

Distribution and Airline Retailing

Diversity and Inclusion

Aviation Law – Fundamentals

Applications must be received by IATA before 27 April 2020.Visit their site at the application process.